Less can be more

Just thought I’d share a great quote by one of the winners from the APRA Screen Music Awards last night.
In his thank you’s he thanked the producer and complimented him by saying-
“A great producer knows when the film doesn’t need anything there (even music) to capture the essence of the moment”
Very true – Sometimes it is what you allow space for, simplify for, lower everything around – that will make a section breathe into its proper space
Adding to that I thought I would offer three other general quotes/statements I like & work by in the studio/when producing…..
  1. First a paraphrase from Pat Patterson from Berklee College-
    EVERY element of a song’s arrangement, production &/or performance should support the message within the song and its lyric (not whether its simple of complex – what is the message/emotion in the song/section/piece that you are conveying)

  2. Second, one that applies to many areas of life but very much in music production –
    “Just cause you can add or do more……. doesn’t mean you should”
  3. And finally, with the plethora of choice that modern technology brings (as opposed to the old days of 2, 4 or 6 track tapes)
    “At some point you have to make a decision and say ‘that’s it’, ‘that’s the best take we can get’ … ‘it is finished’ …………or it may never be”  (and hopefully that call is very early on)

Anyway  – just some thoughts for the day …………….your thoughts??

Cheers till next time.