What makes you sustainable in this industry

Side thought from moi given to a mentoree yesterday that may be of interest.
…(big picture stuff)

Sustainability in this industry and generally in business, requires

  • first…balance in your life needs
    which doesn’t mean equal amounts of time allocated to everything – but balance as it applies to you (your % allocation of family, rest, etc)
    No different to the need to have breaks during a mixing session to keep your ears tuned, or breaks in sets at a gig, so generally you need to “have a life” – allow time for other things, social, training, etc
    BUT that doesn’t mean equal amounts of time allocated to everything – its about finding balance as it applies to you and your needs (your % allocation of family, rest, etc)
  • awareness that this % balance equation and other factors (industry and life based) will change over time.
    Change is one of the constants in this industry and always has been. Whether through external influences like advances in technology or delivery platforms etc  – or internal influences such as health, changing voice, a new direction.
    You need to be conscious of change, able to analyse it and decide if going to adapt to it or not  – and be comfortable with your choice and the ramifications of it
  • Then there is passion for what you do
    That will be your driver to get you through the low spots

  • Integrity…your word is your bond …your promise delivered is your proof source in this industry where networking and referrals are key

  • in some parts of the industry (but not all) creativity comes next ..
    being able to sustain creativity and new thoughts is not as easy as some may think (and there are techniques to help for some)

  • and then there is focus, consistency and consistent application over time.

Within and around all that sits the ‘other stuff’ (marketing, gear etc .specific to your area)


The Role of Recording –

On the early flight to Sydney yesterday, continued preparing for the mentoring session at Excelsia College in the afternoon.

One of things I’ve been asked to talk on is the role of recording in what is mainly a contemporary live performance degree.
Besides other stuff ..These words flowed …so taking it as my quote for the future and posting it here accordingly lol
If I have remembered another’s quote verbatim by mistake, please let me know…..otherwise here it is –        share if you like it (but please quote the source) …..

“If a DJ doesn’t spin it ……..          Or a radio station play it,.
If a store doesn’t sell it …….          Or the Internet load it…
If your friends are not musical or their taste is different and so they don’t replicate it, reproduce it perform it or copy it….
then ……
no one hears it except you and your immediates…..AND …
no one can hear it unless they are there with you & you play it.

To me THAT’S the primary thing about recording.>>>>
the sharing of music past the songwriter or performer doing it themselves ….. and to people & in places where that may not be possible (for whatever reason).

Past that there are then the reasons for sharing…

  • raising awareness
  • stating an opinion
  • relating an experience
  • sharing a story or a journey
  • touching someone’s soul
  • communicating & interrelating with someone at a level that often words by themselves can’t
  • reliving a shared time/performance
  • even just keeping your own thoughts/music etc for the future (sharing with yourself)
  • etc

Regardless of the quality of recording, process undertaken, medium used to distribute, financial returns (or not) – to me, fundamentally it is ‘sharing’ that is the key to the reason for recording”

Ian Pav 17/3/2016

Till next time