Using graphite to diffuse siblance

From a production tips enews I got this morning  – -have used similar trick before when very sibilant vocalists in the studio who kept turning their heads straight on (cracks them when they first start singing to it  but it worked).

Anyway thought it might be of interest to some ….if didnt know already .. enjoy

How a Pencil Can Be Used to Record Better Vocals

Sibilance is one of the most common obstacle to recording a great vocal track…

That annoying hissing sound that happens any time the singer utters an “S” sound…it’s enough to drive you crazy.

You COULD just telling the singer to angle his mouth a few degrees off-center from the mic, so those high frequency blasts avoid the diaphragm.

That SHOULD solve the problem.  But some singers just don’t get it.  In these cases, rather than pull your hair out in frustration, use this ONE SIMPLE TRICK.

Get a pencil, and a rubber band.  Position the pencil against the grill of the mic vertically, aligned with the center of the diaphragm.  Secure it in place with the rubber band, and that’s it.

NOW, any time those S sounds try to ruin your recording, the pencil will essentially split them in half and divert them away from the diaphragm of the mic.
And like magic…no more sibilance.

What are you waiting for?  Go try it.


Cheers till next time