Why Hire a Studio & involve someone else?

With all the facilities and technology available to people in their own home set ups, bedrooms, mobile, etc -the question often arises as to ‘why hire/book/utilise a professional studio with engineer and producer.

Well the reasons can be many based on individual circumstances, abilities, gear, experience etc – — – – but in the end it all boils down to …….
Creating something that is uniquely different to what you can achieve in your bedroom.

Now that may be due to the microphones they have (don’t mean brand but more tone/sound), the preamps and chains available for capturing the recording, the plugs and hardware, listening environment etc – — – but mostly it boils down to the person and how they do what they do in the capacity you might work with them.

The engineer may mike things in a different way to capture and enhanced intial sound – the mixer may hear different placement, spatial, glue -the producer may (probably) hear a different arrangement or instrumentation or dynamics or whatever – — – – –
If the end product would be enhanced enough to give it something you cannot achieve (or achieve at this stage) – then consideration at least is worth it isnt it?

Of course there are budgetary and other considerations (presuming it would increase sales) BUT if regardless of locality and money to facilitate the expense, you would do it – then the practicals can be overcome in some way or another. That’s just process and practical outworking.

BUT a thought -sometimes doing it the cheap way or the ‘best I can now’ doesn’t always lead to a satisfying long term result and may cost you more in the end.
Just like hiring a really good session musician will cost you more but get it down quicker and probably better first time, saving time and redos etc ….so you may be better doing it in the studio with a little ‘delayed gratification’ or another way to manage it. Eg….
– you might do it in stages
– you might save up and wait longer to kick it off when you do have the  money.
– you may do the recording yourself because you can actually get really good takes/tracking (clean, dry and right tonally) and just look to do the mixing etc
– you may hire the producer at the start to work with you on ensuring the ground work and path is right, and then check in occasionally along he path to ensure staying on track
– you may use remote services for those elements if location is an issue

So here is a question which requires you to be extremely honest with yourself-
Listen to a couple of quality commercial releases in your genre that have had chart/sales successes (or however you define it).  How close are you to being able to produce your product to that standard?

If you totally (and truthfully) believe you can (or can within 5-9%) then fine, go for it.

If not, then you have a choice. Either
A. Still decide to do it yourself and accept that you wont really compete with those professionally made alternatives. That sales, exposure, radio play etc may probably be less  – and that’s OK, be happy with that
(I say this as too often those in radio and retail see disillusioned people go this route then complain about lack of sales radio play etc when their end product is clearly not up to equivalent/required quality)
B. Decide to utilise a professional in some/all capacity – find the right fit for you (which doesn’t mean the biggest name or $$) – talk to them and work with them to sort out a plan to achieve an agreed realistic end result for their contribution level (ie if you engage them only for a limited aspect of the project you cant expect them to be responsible for the rest).
Then work out a process path that is mutually agreeable (financially and logistically).  And then be comfortable with that and enjoy/go for it.

Look forward to hearing any feedback or comments.

Of course we are open to discussing any projects you may be considering if you feel us or our services might fit. Check out our website ( pavmusic.com) for service offerings and our facebook page (pavmusic.productions) for current happenings.


Cheers till next time