Sometimes being able to recall a quote or a saying can inspire, help you find a path/direction, or just give some comfort/support, something to hang on to and keep going.

Here are a few that I have saved,  have helped me & others (or I just think are good bits of advice). Some are newer, some oldies..
it’s not a complete list but maybe one or more will be of help to some who read them.

  • A few years ago Tommy Emmanuel said on a video pop for one of my seminars the simple statement…
    “Everytime, turn up and, do your best”.
    Drill down through those parts and you will see its deep advice. ..
    A. ‘Everytime’ connotates more than once and all the time.
    B. to ‘turn up’ – you need to have something to turn up to (so think about it, need to have done the work to get gigs, go from there)
    C. to do ‘your best’ – you need to be practiced & ready, etc
  • ” It doesn’t matter how many plates you break in the kitchen, it’s the one you serve the customer that counts”  (masterchef season 1 ….. yea I know …. but think about how it applies to preparation & delivery in our industry)
  • “Everyone has the will to win, not everyone has the will to prepare”
  • “Most of the time, the ‘lucky’ person happens to be the one who has done a lot of preparation, is always looking for opportunities, willing to go for it and put themselves in situations where the possibility of doors opening is probable.”
  • “Success is 1 part determination & 5 parts determination” & similarly  “Most ‘overnight’ successes are 10, 20 or 30 years in the making”
  • “Change is a constant that you can either flow with, learn to adapt to or react against”- usually the latter is only effective within your own sphere of influence
  • “If the plan isn’t working…change the plan” (shark tank episode 3 weeks ago)
  • “If you don’t want to change, learn or adapt to the changing circumstances, that’s fine …but then don’t complain, be happy with your decision”
  • “Most people can learn to paint (even if by numbers), not everyone can conceive the picture”.
    Music is mathematical as well as inspirational/emotional….so a lot of it can be learnt and skills grown through training & practice. ..but some elements are intuitive, creative and emerge out of that space. The goal is to develop your skills enough to be able to capture the intuitive, fleeting thought/sound/moment and mould it/fully realising it into something tangible
  • (Along the same lines one of mine) “If you are a 4 chord guitarist with no developed music theory behavior, I don’t care what you hear in your head, it will probably come out like basic level rock, country or folk.” .. similarly… .
    “you don’t know what you don’t know & therefore can’t use it”…
    For example, if you’ve never heard a minor7, augmented, & any of the other more complex chord extensions & know how they fit…. you can’t conceive to use those colours/flavours in your music to create something different, can you?
    To bring the full vision of a thought into reality you need to upskill or collaborate/communicate with someone who has the skills & experience to interpret and apply it
  • “In music, like art, there are not many absolute right or wrongs”. Its personal taste, emotion, communication ..and therefore open to possibilities & interpretation, likes/dislikes

And the final 3…

  • ” if you do nothing, nothing will change for you except the effect of actions/decisions of someone else on you”
  • “To walk a mile, starts with one step” and similarly
  • “The way to eat an elephant? One bit at a time”Taking a new direction, adapting to external change, learning a new skill or way to do something …is often stressful and hard….
    But sometimes if you break the big issue down into little segments and just focus  on doing one of those at a time….it becomes manageable and maybe even achievable.



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